While we take the time to admire our beautiful environment in the heart of Belize, we work hard to practice agro-forestry.

Thank you for taking an interest in our endeavors to promote agro-forestry – an agricultural technique that is mutually beneficial to the farmer and the environment. Our bamboo and fruit crops coexist with the jungle, and we are working towards a sustainable lifestyle that we can share with our local community.

Our sixteen varieties of bamboo are “clumping bamboo”, meaning that they are non-invasive to the surrounding environment. Bamboo is used in a huge array of crafts here, and on the farm we even furnished our ‘palapas’ out of handcrafted bamboo. Importantly, bamboo provides additional habitats for wildlife and is 100% recyclable. Which is why Spanish Creek grows it as the primary crop, alongside our fruit ‘milpas’ and organic gardens.

We strongly rely on the expertise of our local, Belizean farm hands and the enthusiastic efforts of our volunteers from around the world. Spanish Creek would not be what it is had it not been for their hard work. Please come and

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Rancho Dolores, Belize, C.A.